IT Business Hub

Services available inside It Business Hub Mall, New Cairo
The developer combined its efforts to implement the architectural masterpiece It Business Hub Mall New Cairo and provided inside it everything that meets the needs of customers in terms of endless entertainment and basic services that meet their needs, the most important of which are the following:

A group of fine restaurants and cafés with distinctive decorations that provide high-quality services to serve the units.
The interior buildings of It Business Hub Mall are equipped with a number of advanced electric elevators and escalators for easy movement between floors for added convenience.
Within It Business Hub, there are toilets, some for men and others for women and children to maintain privacy.
Well-equipped areas so that customers can perform the five assignments on time.
Inside the mall, there are halls equipped at the highest level with the latest sound systems and advanced displays that can accommodate the largest number of businessmen.
A commercial area with a group of shops that provide all kinds of consumer goods and services, in addition to the availability of the strongest international brands that suit all tastes.
Spa units, sauna, and jacuzzi are equipped at the highest level and integrated services to meet the needs of customers, in addition to the presence of gym units with all the advanced equipment and devices so that customers can take care of their fitness with the help of a group of the most qualified trainers and experts.
The space and types of units within It Business Hub Mall Fifth Settlement
The Architectural Masterpiece It Business Hub has been implemented on a wide space, with stunning views and interior buildings designed in the latest architectural styles with a variety of spaces, allowing each customer to choose what suits him best.

The architectural edifice includes within it all kinds of commercial, administrative, and medical activities with integrated services available with a space starting from 40 square meters. We will mention the details of the spaces in the next lines as follows.

Within It Business Project, there are commercial units on the ground floor, with spaces starting from 50 square meters.
Commercial units on the first floor start from 63 square meters.
Administrative units at the highest level in It Business, with space starting from 40 square meters.
It Business Mall also includes medical units with a space of 40 square meters.
Price plans and payment systems available inside It Business Hub New Cairo
The developer company seeks to satisfy all its customers by announcing attractive and ideal prices that cannot be competed for all units of various sizes, suitable for all segments of businessmen and investors, and the price is set according to their size and types and are as follows:

Units on the ground floor, the price per square meter starts from 140,000 EGP up to 185,000 EGP.
Commercial units located on the first floor, the price per square meter ranges from 115,000 EGP up to 135,000 EGP.
A group of administrative offices in It Business, the price per square meter starts from 58,000 EGP.
A group of clinics, the price per square meter is 60,000 EGP.
As for the payment systems announced by the developer, they are flexible and diverse and suit all categories of customers and investors, where the customer can pay a simple advance of the unit value in installments over the longest possible period and are as follows:

The customer can pay a downpayment of 0% of the unit value, and the remaining amount is to be paid in installments over 4 years in equal installments without interest.
A downpayment of 15% of the unit value is paid, then 5% is paid after two and a half years in the form of a second payment, and the rest of its price is paid in installments over 5 years in equal installments without interest.

A Store ready for receipt at It Business Hub with special full finishing