Genesis Tower

The architectural design of Genesis Mall, Administrative Capital
The architectural design of the mall came as one of the important advantages of the project, which gives it more beautiful and different from its eyes in the capital. One of the important elements of attracting investment is that the project has an engineering design and internal divisions that allow the customer to get what he wants depending on the type of activity that the mall performs Genesis Tower, the new administrative capital.

Genesis Tower Administrative Capital project has provided many types of units, including commercial and administrative units, as well as medical and hotel apartments. The Tower is characterized by its great interest in finishes and interior decorations that will make the place different from the rest of the towers in the city.

Genesis Tower in the New Administrative Capital consists of three garage floors and a ground floor, followed by 14 lofts, which were divided between the different floors of the place according to the size, area, and division of the units. The developer of the mall also provided many important designs that would improve the quality of work in the place.

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Genesis Tower New Capital Services
In Genesis Tower New Capital Project, there is a range of important services and facilities that help you get the benefits you want and also you can reach the development you want in your field of work, here are some of the services in place.

The most important facilities and services in Genesis Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital are as follows:

There is a plaza with an area of ​​3000 square meters, which is one of the biggest features of the place.
Also, in Genesis Tower Project, there is a Food Court in the capital, in a large area with more than one restaurant and enough to allow you to enjoy the fun atmosphere of the place.
In addition, there are a number of panoramic elevators that facilitate movement in the mall.
Genesis Tower New Capital includes the latest modern technologies in the field of construction, which made the building classified as a "Smart Building", and this certainly helps customers to conduct their business in a better way.
Also, the location in the Sky lounge is wonderful which makes you enjoy the view of the distinctive surroundings of the tower, and it is preferable to enjoy some rest in this wonderful place.
There is also a large entertainment area for children with many entertaining things for them within Genesis New Administrative Capital Project.
The presence of a large garage on an area of ​​3 full floors, makes the crowding in front of the mall less.
Also, in Genesis Tower Mall, the Administrative Capital, there are rooms for large meetings and seminars, which are fully equipped.
There are a number of wonderful swimming pools in Genesis Tower Mall in the new capital.
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Features of Genesis Tower, Administrative Capital
Genesis Tower has more than one important and certainly competitive advantage that allows the customer to reach the different advantages he dreams of in the project based on it, and this act is what the New Jersey company has taken care of when constructing Genesis Mall in the new capital.

The features that the developer of the project explained are as follows:

The first advantage is the important location located in the heart of the Downtown area in the back direction of the Tourist Towers area, meaning that it is an excellent location that allows the customer to enjoy close to important areas in the capital within Genesis Tower Mall.
One of the important things available at Genesis Tower New Capital is the return on investment on the units in place.
In Genesis Tower, there are competitive prices and special payment systems of up to 20 years' installments.
The developing company has hired Arkan Engineering Consultants to design the place and make it meet the needs of customers inside Genesis Mall.

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