The architectural design of 31 North Tower New Capital
The architectural design in force in 31 North Tower is considered one of the most important features that the developer has put in the tower, as it is the first Festival Tower in New Administrative Capital and has many important features that are definitely in the interest of the client.

31 North New Capital was supervised by a group of the best engineering consultants in the world of real estate construction, so it is considered a very distinctive model in terms of the design in place in place, which would add important and unique features to the tower and increase the beauty of the views on more than one side in the capital.

The tower was designed in the shape of the letter "Y", meaning that it has more than one side to overlook it, and this shape makes the largest number of units in the place have at least two sides overlooking them in New Administrative Capital, including the Green River Park and also a number of important places in the capital, specifically inside Downtown.

31 North Tower is 131 meters long, which means that it is one of the large projects in the capital, which consists of a ground floor and 31 recurring floors that vary in the units in it, and there are also 4 basement floors for the garage so that the presence in the place is easy and does not cause any congestion. in the place.

Speaking of the huge length of the place, we must mention that it is divided into many units, including administrative, commercial and medical, as well as a number of hotel apartments within 31 North Tower New Capital, all units of the place have more than an excellent view of several sides in the capital, including the iconic tower, the diplomatic district, as well as the Green River Garden and the famous Al Masa Hotel.

Features of 31 North Tower
The project has several advantages that will increase the comfort and enjoyment of work and the integrated environment that the tower provides for you. It also works primarily on a lot of ease in managing the projects set up in the place.

The most important advantages of 31 North Tower New Capital are:

Working with the best modern technological methods and providing advanced systems in place is one of the first advantages offered by the owner company in the tower.
Modern and highly advanced systems in the field of information security, which has been worked on in the project.
Technically, the tower has a very impressive architectural design that overlooks more than one important destination in New Administrative Capital and will make you enjoy a great deal of luxury in your unit within the tower.
The location of 31 North in the heart of Downtown, made it an integrated project with more than important details, and also makes access to the place easier.
The tower overlooks more than one important place, including the Green River Park, the Diplomatic Quarter, the iconic tower, and Al Masa Hotel.
The prices and payment systems offered in the project have been taken care of so that you can easily own your unit with all its advantages.
31 North Tower New Capital services
Services are one of the very important things in 31 North Tower New Capital, simply because it is one of the things that helps the customer to reach the many advantages he wants, obtain his comfort and privacy, and also be able to manage his project more easily.

Many services that you must know in order to be able to enjoy them and see the future of your project, which Nile Development draws for in 31 North Tower New Capital Project, and the facilities and services in the article are as follows:

In the promany panoramic elevators operateperate with a modern system, which saves you the effort in moving between the people of the project, and there are also escalators in the place.
The customer can have a rest and enjoy the stunning view from this great height in the large space equipped on the roof.
Food Court Plaza is in place, which offers everyone distinguished services.
The mall includes a number of shops that provide visitors and workers with basic and recreational needs as well.
A secured and recreational area for children in Mall 31 North Tower.
There are also 4 basement floors allocated to the garage, and this makes being in the project much easier without causing any congestion in front of the mall.
The presence of high-level security systems maintains safety in 31 North in a very distinctive way
Many surveillance cameras work around the clock to maintain peace of mind in the place.
The tower includes rooms for VIPs and their own reception areas.
Moreover, there is more than one room equipped for major meetings and seminars.
Central air conditioning system that ensures that the temperature in the place is moderate on a regular basis.
There is also more than one gate for the 31 North project in order to facilitate the movement of entry and exit.
As for the modern and smart systems, they are available in the units and would help the client to better manage the place in the 31 North Project.
In addition to the presence of industrial security systems in the tower, which work primarily to protect customers and their projects from any external penetration within 31 North Tower.

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