Pro Mark New Capital

Services available inside Pro MARK Mall
Pro MARK New Capital is a luxurious project that was established in the most prestigious areas in the region and is unique in its luxurious architectural design and unparalleled interior decorations, and includes a range of diverse services that meet the different needs of customers and investors, the most prominent of which are the following:

Maintaining security and stability inside the mall by employing highly trained security and guard personnel and installing many modern surveillance cameras that work around the clock to monitor all movements.
Electricity consumption and operation of air conditioners were saved within the project units due to the project’s presence from the eastern sea side; Which provides fresh and natural air in Pro MARK Mall New Capital.
The mall includes a spacious garage to accommodate the largest number of cars and prevent congestion in front of the project.
Enjoy an unparalleled buying experience within luxurious Commercial units offering the finest international brands that suit lovers of fine taste.
A group of high-end restaurants and cafes that enable you to eat the most delicious meals and drinks in a distinctive atmosphere.
The mall includes two meeting and conference rooms and VIP lounges for business leaders, which are equipped with the latest audio equipment, various technologies, and luxurious furniture inside Pro MARK Mall New Capital.
The entire building is powered by a solar energy system that keeps the environment clean.
A designated smoking area and upscale bathrooms are available on each floor.
Waste collection places and fast internet service helps to get work done with ease and ease in Pro MARK New Capital.
Some of the office units inside Pro MARK Mall New Capital have a distinctive outdoor terrace.
The presence of a central air conditioning system that keeps the air clean and fresh inside the different units within Pro MARK New Capital.
For ease of moving between the different floors; There are 5 modern electric elevators and 2 escalators, and there is a separate elevator for shops and another for people of determination in Pro MARK Mall.
A distinguished maintenance team works to solve all malfunctions regularly, and there is a fire alarm system and another for lighting.
Units types and their various spaces in Pro MARK New Administrative Capital
Take advantage of the golden opportunity now and get your wonderful unit in the most important mall in New Administrative Capital "Pro MARK Mall"!

MG Developments has taken care of implementing the project on a huge space of about 8,836 square meters, taking into account the diversity in the types of units between Commercial and administrative, as well as its elegant engineering designs, luxurious decorations, and different spaces that are in line with the different tastes and needs of customers and investors, which are:

The space for shops and administrative offices starts from 30 square Meters inside Pro MARK Project New Capital.
The ceiling height in Commercial units reaches 5.40 meters, and in administrative units reaches 3.60 meters.
Pro MARK Project New Capital consists of two floors for garages, 2 floors for Commercial units, and 6 floors for administrative offices. It has a luxurious modern style with unique facades that mix shiny stained glass and luxurious marble.

100 Meters Commercial Properties for sale in PRO MARK