Udora New Capital

Udora Mall New Capital
Hometown Developments utilized the experience it gained from building 3 successful and diverse projects in New Administrative Capital and inaugurated UDORA Mall in the most prestigious areas of the New Capital. It is a commercial Mall only designed specifically for all investors, from home and abroad, with high taste, due to the luxury of UDORA Mall New Capital. Modern and upscale designs, with a variety of spaces that cater to all activities.

In addition to providing areas designated for recreation containing a lot of green patches and fountains, in addition to the basic and recreational facilities and services, the Mall provides to make you happy to spend your time, and it also guarantees you an opportunity for a successful investment in UDORA Mall New Capital.

One of the most important things that force you to choose UDORA Mall is the real estate developer's keenness to offer prices and payment plans that will help you own your new unit and start your investment project without any financial burdens.

The prime location of UDORA Mall New Capital
Udora Mall New Capital was built in the lifeline of the new administrative capital at the entrance to the Downtown area, to guarantee you a successful investment opportunity due to the activity and vitality of that area that leads to an amazing economic movement, which results in the success of your new project, and the Downtown area is also characterized as the most upscale area that includes all the basic services that meet the needs of customers, in addition to the unparalleled entertainment facilities inside UDORA Mall New Capital.

One of the most important things that the investor seeks to own a new project is to knock on its doors a lot of customers, and this is what the real estate developer is interested in building UDORA New Administrative Capital, near the main roads and axes that facilitate access for customers, and one of the most important features of the location

Udora Project directly overlooks the famous Al Masa Hotel.
Udora Mall New Capital is located in New Administrative Capital, close to Cairo-Suez Road, and Regional Ring Road.
One of the most important axes near the mall, which connects all parts of the capital to each other with external roads, is the northern bin Zayed axis.
Udora Project is about 5 minutes away from the gold market.
Udora is close to the Mosque of Egypt.
A 10-minute walk from UDORA Mall New Capital is the New Monorail train station.
Udora Mall is also close to the most famous projects of the New Capital, such as Lafayette Mall, Zaha Park Mall, and Mizar Tower.
Udora Mall Project space
Udora is the most important and largest commercial Mall in the New Administrative Capital because of its features that guarantee you a golden investment opportunity, and on top of these elements, which the real estate developer excelled in dividing and designing, is the huge space on which the project is built, which amounted to about 10,500 square meters, of which the real estate developer has allocated a portion of the building, which consists of a ground floor and five upper floors, and a large part of the space has been allocated to gardens and parks, which include many types of colorful flowers and wonderful trees that give the owners a breath of clean air and more recreation in UDORA New Capital.

The Mall was not able to provide one of the most important and finest services that meet all the requirements of customers, in addition to the entertainment means that help investors and customers to spend a break from work in which you prepare for your activity, and the division of the Mall came as follows:

The ground floor is designated for restaurants and cafes only in UDORA New Capital.
The real estate developer has allocated the first and second floors to the units of international and local shops.

book in UDORA Mall New Capital< with spaces starting from 90 meters