Diamond Twisted Tower

Diamond Twisted Tower... Work-life and luxury are two sides of the same coin
This giant project is considered administrative, commercial, and residential, established by Amazon Development, which is one of the largest companies working in the field of real estate and has a good reputation and many successful projects. It provided all the services you needed and made sure that the designs were distinctive, to bring out the most beautiful architectural edifice in New Administrative Capital.

It is one of the most important and largest projects in New Administrative Capital, as it includes many different units, and is distinguished by its attractive location and large spaces. The project is the tallest Twisted tower located in Egypt and Africa, to provide a distinctive and unique experience.

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Diamond Twisted Tower location
Amazon, the owner of Diamond Twisted Tower Project, has chosen a strategic geographic location, to attract many customers, as it is located in the heart of New Administrative Capital in the Central Business District (CBD), and is located near many important hubs, vital cities and some major areas as follows:

Diamond Twisted Tower New Capital directly overlooks the Green River, which is only 3 minutes away from the iconic tower.
It is located near the northern bin Zayed axis, which facilitates the process of reaching and exiting the project in the shortest time.
Diamond Twisted New Capital is about 5 minutes away from the monorail station.
It is 15 minutes from the government district.
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The space and types of units in Diamond Twisted Tower New Capital
Diamond Twisted Tower extended over a very large space, because it includes many different services, estimated at 22,000 square meters, and was divided distinctively, to include all service facilities on all floors of the building, many buildings and facilities, and green spaces artfully distributed throughout the project.

The types of units varied to include many different fields that allow all investors to choose the appropriate unit for investment with the highest financial return, the units are commercial, administrative, hotel, and they differed in space from each other, so that each client chooses his unit with the space he prefers as follows:

The space of the Commercial units starts from 30 square meters in Diamond Twisted Tower.
Administrative units in Diamond Tower New Capital space starts from 50 square meters.
The space of the hotel units starts from 60 square meters in Diamond Twisted.
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The distinctive design of Diamond Twisted Tower New Capital
As Amazon has made us accustomed to deviating from the usual designs, we find that it provided us with the most distinctive architectural masterpiece in the 33rd new capital in the world. Diamond Twisted Tower was designed by a group of distinguished engineers in a modern form to be the first tallest Twisted tower in Africa. It is the 11th in the world for its great height, and the sixth in terms of rotation.

The building consists of 50 floors, with five floors underground for garages, and the hotel, Commercial and administrative units were divided into the floors of the building as follows:

Commercial units from the ground floor to the third floor inside Diamond Twisted Tower New Capital.
Administrative units from the fourth floor to the 35th floor within Diamond Twisted Tower.
From the 36th to the 45th floor are hotel units.

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